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Find the right focus for your unique journey. I offer both my Signature Coaching Package and individual readings.  
  • Do you want to be more aligned with your purpose in life? 
  • Do you want to tap into more passion in your relationships and livelihood?
  • Are you curious about your chart and how you can increase your profit?
When you book reading you will have an opportunity to choose a focus (Purpose, Passion, or Profit) with our scheduling service.  
The intuitive approach to working with clients is based on years of astrology study, yet the technical aspects of astrology often give way to the alchemy of the moment during the reading. The conversations are intimate and as such, I respect the process and honor the openings and limits presented with each client. The sessions are confidential and private. 
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What is included in a reading?

  • A 75 Minute Reading: Either Find Your Purpose, Discover Your Passion, or Attract Your Profit, based on which reading you choose. 
  • The audio recording of our zoom session.
  • Your Custom Drunken Astrology Chart including your Bonus Big 3!
  • Drunken Astrology Astro Guidebook.

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Drunken Astrology offers a signature reading to learn and leverage your birth chart.  

With over a decade of professional consulting, Samayra has a uniquely practical, grounded, and strategic approach to astrology as a tool to understand ourselves. The alchemy of her readings looks at powerful placements in a chart to unlock the possibilities of transformation within life's transitions. 

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Do you know your Big 3?

You are most likely familiar with your Sun, Moon, and (maybe) your Rising Sign. These are The Big 3 and they inform our core identity. In all our readings, and as a bonus, we will also discuss how each of The Big 3 supports your placements for your reading of choice. This provides a more complete and much more nuanced understanding of the dynamics in your chart.

So, you get all the goodies included in your reading listed above PLUS ...

  • Your Bonus Big 3: The Sun, Moon, and your Rising Sign chart.
  • An explanation of how these influence your Purpose, Passion, or Profit.

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