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Transformative Soul Reading.

Hi, my name is Samayra.

My astrology journey began with a voracious dive into my own chart learning everything it had to teach me about purpose and passion. It ignited a curiosity that led me to more formal study in 2015, culminating in the development of my signature framework for readings that would allow me to help others the way astrology had helped me; by identifying my purpose, discovering my passion, and attracting a profit in my business. Astrology connected me to my soul and the natural world around me and I use that ever-present connection to intuitively lead my clients' through their own journey of the soul with the stars as their guide. 

Born swimming in Lake Michigan, I spent my adult years kayaking in California and founded a design/build studio that evolved into public art, in 2011, I co-founded a social enterprise. After a decade of working on designing equitable and creative public planning and policy, I was searching for ways to integrate my passion for the future of cities with a regenerative approach. Creating sacred inclusive spaces has been at the heart of my work in the world. Yet, I felt shy about leading with, what was, a very private part of myself. This spiritual side was the quiet but persistent voice that directed my social and civic-based work long before I could claim it, however.

As a queer woman of mixed heritage and Jewish descent, I bring these identities to offer a unique blend of practical, grounded, and strategic approaches to my readings. The Astro curious, changemakers, Black women, Indigenous people, and people of color who are bringing their gifts to the world, to heal and fight for liberated, regenerative, and abundant futures are all welcome.

I look forward to reading your celestial story! 

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Kind words from clients who have enjoyed an Astrology reading. 

Danielle DeRuiter-Williams, MBA

Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion Specialist and Organizational Development Strategist

“I did a Passion reading with Drunken Astrology and love it. Samayra’s knowledge of the stars, narrative style, and thoughtful, intentional manner made it an enjoyable and enlightening experience. I love how Samayra blends her natural skill for coaching with the more mystic and spiritual aspects of our human experience. I have a lot of new information about myself and my personal astrological makeup that is really valuable for people like me who are going through times of big personal transformation.”

Nance Klehm

Founder of Social Ecologies, internationally recognized ecological systems designer, and permaculture expert.

"I chose to have a Profit reading as I was closing a small business venture to open up time and deepen my life's work and wanted to help identify the bumps, hitches, leaks within myself. Samayra brought clarity and levity to these challenges emphasizing my inherent gifts and learned strengths and shone light on a path to walk and work forward."

Liz Bloomberg 

Feldenkrais Method Practitioner

"I feel like a veil was lifted from me after thinking about my workday today. I was so much clearer. My session with you was such a powerful affirmation of who I am. I feel I had a true healing and a blessing."

Drunken Astrology

 What's in a name?

Drunken Astrology is designed with our proprietary Framework to unlock the wisdom of the stars:


Drunken Astrology offers 3 unique frameworks to learn and leverage your birth chart: Find Your Purpose, Discover Your Passion, and Attract your Profit

As the name suggests, Drunken Astrology is a bit tongue in cheek. Think of it as the stiff cocktail before you head off to slay your demons, or get your courage up to do shadow work. I wanted to bring a hospitality vibe to soul work as true growth comes with community and our relationships with each other. 

Your unique journey starts now.


Each of life's transitions offers a chance for transformation. Astrology is a guide to help us navigate the uncertainty of these moments.


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My approach

Evolutionary Astrology.

My Readings are informed by Evolutionary Astrology, a term coined by Steven Forrest and Jeff Green, to refer to a set of techniques, as well as a philosophy, in practicing astrology.

It is based on the belief that our souls choose this life's journey in order to evolve. I have synthesized these practices into my own approach which incorporates the past, the future, and the present in our charts with the challenges we face as well as the gifts we have mastered to meet them.

Discover karmic debts, opportunities, deep wounds, and our literal star power shining upon our path forward.

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