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Welcome to Drunken Astrology!

Our Guidebook provides the basics for understanding your astrological chart. 

This guide is for you if you are just getting started, need a refresher, or want to explore the stars!

If you love astrology yet reading your chart is completely overwhelming start here: 

  • - Overview of all 12 Houses, a keyword to recall the theme of each House, and the Ruling sign for each!
  • - Get clear on the 12 signs of the Zodiac and their unique qualities. 
Download the FREE Guide!

Monthly Astro Mixers

Astrology & Cosmic Cocktails

Join Samayra each month online as she hosts our monthly happy hour mixer event for the Astro Curious. 

Experience a new guest every month, meet other Astro-curios folx, and sip cosmic cocktails- recipe included! 

RSVP: August 27th, 8:30 PM EST

Our next New Moon event features a very special guest: YOU! We will explore one lucky winner to read their Celestial Story, together. 

A custom Cosmic Cocktail will be inspired by the winner's chart, inspired by the Big 3, and other special ingredients. 

The recipe will be available on Insta @drunkenastrology, members, and orbit newsletter subscribers.


RSVP: July 13th, 8:30 PM EST

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Astrology Readings 

Book a reading!

Book a reading, if you have a life event coming up or are in the swirl of transition, this is a great Astro tune-up!

Clients can, as always, can choose to focus on Purpose, Passion, or Profit. 

Transform the transitions in your life into Finding Your Purpose, Discovering Your Passion, and Attracting Your Profit. If you are in transition and want to Find Your Purpose from the stars then our reading can focus on Soul Stretch, Innate Talents, and your Zenith of Power. 

If you want to tap into your Desire, Drive, and the Divine Primal Force we focus on Discovering Your Passion.

Ready to unlock the flow of resources to support your Purpose and Passion? Then secure that bag (get that coin, make it rain, you get the idea), if this is the area of focus we look at Attracting Your Profit: Values, Habits, and Ambition. 

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Astro Coaching 

Signature Coaching Package

It's my signature offering and the absolute best way to work with me. I put my heart and soul into making a unique and one of a kind Astro Journey to explore your chart and your Celestial Story. Starting with 3 sessions all the goodies I offer are bundled into a roadmap for your soul. 

Working together over 3 sessions we dive DEEP into an exploration of your chart to co-author your Celestial Story! This unique blend of astrology and coaching helps clients develop practical strategies to navigate life's transitions, guided by the stars. 

The Astro Coaching Package is for our clients who are ready to map their Astro Journey over 3 sessions with a custom astrology chart, detailed Celestial Story eBook, and an Astro Workbook filled with questions to guide clients along the way as we work together.

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